Where to Get Help For Problem Gambling In Canada

Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse
This website offers a comprehensive resource of information about problem gambling and where to find help on a national level. www.ccsa.ca

Canadian Mental Health Association
You needn't suffer with your mental health issues alone. This website will direct you to mental health support in your local area and will provide more information on coping with mental illness. www.cmha.ca

Ontario Problem Gambling Helpline
For immediate help dial this national helpline to speak with a fully trained member of staff who will direct you to organisations near you to help with depression, debt counselling and therapy. www.problemgamblinghelpline.ca Credit Canada

This is a not for profit organisation that teaches people how to safely escape from and deal with debt. They provide immediate relief for pressing debt problems and enables people to rehabilitate without the pressures of the bailiffs at the door. creditcanada.com

How To Combat Problem Gambling

If you or a member of your family is suffering from this disease then it is vital that you obtain professional help as soon as possible. The best place to start is at Gambling Anonymous, but a full list of resources will be available at the end of this article. Gamblers Anonymous, like it's more famous alcoholic counterpart, is a 12-step program that focuses on group support and therapy. Choosing a sponsor is a vital part of the healing process. A sponsor is another member of Gamblers Anonymous who the individual can turn to when temptation arises. Both ex-gamblers can encourage each other to remain strong with the added benefit of experience and understanding.

If a family member is affected, approach them kindly and helpfully, and try not to be drawn into an argument. Arguing with an addict is a futile effort, as the problem gambler will use negativity to fuel their desire for their fix. Remain calm and insist they seek professional help. Offer your support, not your judgment. Try to include them in normal, fun activities that they used to enjoy. This will help them in the rehabilitation process.

If you feel that your gambling has gotten out of control then reach out to a member of your family and seek professional help. Distract yourself when the urge arises by engaging in another enjoyable activity. Surround yourselves with friends and family, especially if you are feeling the need for isolation. People that love you will give you the reality check you need in order to take the next step in your recovery process.

How Can I Spot A Problem Gambler?

The symptoms that a problem gambler exhibits are similar to other addictions. These include but are not limited to:

Secrecy and defensiveness around finances and free time
Surprising outbursts of aggression
Asking to borrow money or having money go missing
Depression and anxiety
Suicidal tendencies

While these are the warning signs to watch out for, they are only the symptoms and not the cause of the afflicted persons addiction. There are many reasons why someone can turn to gambling as a temporary solution to their problems. It is this root cause that professional therapy will help the victim to overcome.

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